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3 reasons to move to the 3 big cities of Texas

Updated: Feb 1

Before the pandemic hit the US, statistics showed the population of Texas increasing by at least 1000 people every day. The reasons for this are too far and wide but mainly have to with the vibrant mix of cultures, the pleasantly warm temperature and the thriving economy of the state. Plus, a lower cost of living which translates into a lowered tax burden with ample job opportunities makes for a handsome bargain. And lastly, the choice of living is broad. Whether you prefer a quaint, homey and calm environment like that in San Antonio or the glamour of the state which rests in Dallas, Texas has it all.

Listed down below are some of our favorite cities of Texas and the reasons why you should be moving there.


If you like busy streets, bustling traffic – lights and upbeat modernity, then Dallas is the city for you. The city offers its residents a mix of urban and suburban living. Dallas is also a dream destination for enthusiasts of sports and fanatics of arts.

The economy of Dallas is mainly supported by finance, IT, telecommunications and transportation. Most people opt to rent their homes to make moving easier depending on their requirements.

Why now?

As of August 2020, rents have decreased and this is a great chance to lock-in on a great apartment in the modern metropolis.


Young-adults prefer the capital of Texas due to the progressive opportunities it provides together with its laid-back, tranquil vibes. Subsequently, the food here is finger-licking good ranging from breakfast tacos to lavish dine-outs. Austin also provides for a great musical infused environment as it takes the crown for the “most live music venues” anywhere in the country. Nature here is plentiful too.

Why now?

Austin, like Dallas, is a big city and thus, people tend to lease out or rent apartments and houses. And with high vacancies, you'll have more negotiating power to rent a place of living on your terms.


If you’re one who wants to experience a culture different from any other city in Texas, even the entire USA, San Antonio is the city for you. Although the population of the city is second largest in Texas, living here feels like being a part of a large neighbour-hood. People care about each other and are very inviting.

The history of San Antonio is a colorful mix of ancient architecture and human solidarity. The San Fernando Cathedral, the historic market Square, Mexican style outdoor market places and the Pearl brewery carry within themselves the life of the city.

Why now?

According to real estate websites, a lot of places are offering "move-in specials" at this time of the year. So if you're thinking of moving to San Antonio, this is your chance.


Moving apartments, cities, states is tiring work. There are tons of things to sort out on the way – job requirements and shortlisting, scouring adequate living conditions and finding an attraction which reels you into making these tough decisions.

Planning ahead but still taking the opportunity of lowered prices in the real-estate arena will help you score a good deal if you make decisions quickly.

Texas and its booming economy and living conditions are only going to improve. With the cities listed here, you're bound to get the taste of real city-living; if that is

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