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Our complete guide to the biggest fall trends

The fashion game is grower stronger by each coming day, and the vast industries named Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are also bringing in fashion trends to indicate the existence of the horse girls. Here are some of the best designs from their 2020 runways that have been marked as the best ones.


This season, the tasseled trim was granted an elevated contact on the runway. Instead of being designed for the boho audience, we're seeing trendy business dresses at Christian Dior, evening gowns at Bottega Veneta, and more designers cutting their garments with a long carwash fringe.


Snoods are there in fashion again as Michael Kors and Paco Rabanne sent snoods that were practical with knitted hoods and chainmail snoods worthy of medieval times.

Other brands became a little more impractical: Loewe and Gucci opted for feathered designs, while Richard Quinn went extreme in a studded mask.

Horse Girls

We see fewer Western, more Westchester when it comes to equine-inspired wear. Designers like Torhy Burch and Brandon Maxwell swapped western stirrups for stylish riding boots and paired them with lady-like outfits. And since the horse girls are nothing but dedicated, we've even seen the actual equestrian caps staring at Self Portrait and Chanel.


Instead of quickly purchasing another pair of plain black gloves from CVS, it's actually time to indulge in the trend you 're going to wear for years. Practice what Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Miu Miu have practiced on the runway with a vivid declaration of accessories — a perfect continuation of the vibrant leather theme of spring 2020.

Nouveau Grunge

The '90s have been a decade to fall back for many seasons now. But instead of mom's denim, designers have moved all the way to the grunge wave pioneered by Marc Jacobs in his famous 1992 line for Perry Ellis. Usually suspects like the R13 styled Courtney Love slip dresses with Doc-inspired boots. Yet unintended designers have tuned into Angela Chase 's thinking: at Monse, safety pins held tartan plaid skirts and dangled from fishnet tights; Louis Vuitton sent thrift-store-inspired petticoats down the runway; Valentino outfitted women in thick-suned lug boots, and Burberry's plaids interacted in varsity stripes.


The shearing jacket has been going high for years, but this fall, it's all grown older and out with a shaggy look that's doing the most. A long-haired coat ruled the runway at Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Celine, suggesting it's time to make room for a warm, fluffy pal in your winter wardrobe.

Slinky Column Dress

Is there something sexier than a slinky dress? The reaction to that is a resounding no. Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, and the rest of the industry's top designers have almost identical silhouettes on the same column dress. The maxi was often preferred by introducing a long-sleeved turtleneck version, but brands like Jacquemus and Loewe opted for sporty knitwear.

Modern Cutouts

The cutout, as we remember, was born for grown women this year. Instead of the tacky, 2000s models, we 're used to, subtle slits, shimmering hip openings, and trendy cutouts have been unveiled as a modern form of sporting a look that's not-so-barely-there. This hot trend — as seen in Prabal Gurung — gives itself effortlessly to a night out. But items with more subtle openings — like on the elbow (as seen in Victoria Beckham)—make it work for the office.

Skirt Suit

What the customized shorts suit is for spring, the skirt version is for fall. These matching sets are surprisingly versatile, with styles far beyond Clueless minis. Miu Miu's wools are business-friendly, while Jacquemus' micro combo is perfect for your next balmy escape.

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